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What is Gateway?

Gateway is a school-based, government-funded programme that places senior students in the workplace for a minimum of 40 hours (one day a week for a term).  It began in 2001.


While working, the students study unit standards relevant to their area of work on the NZQA framework. These standards contribute to their overall qualifications.


This is not “work experience”. The students selected for Gateway make a commitment to their place of work for up to a school year and through this work they study towards appropriate unit standards and are assessed. The importance of such things as a positive work ethic, goal setting and planning for the future are stressed.


The Gateway co-ordinator liaises with employers within the local community to find suitable workplaces that match the students’ interests. The co-ordinator also monitors the students and organises the unit standards and assessment. Where applicable, students will also complete Sitesafe and First Aid course (arranged by the school).


Who else has this programme?

This is a country-wide programme which is offered in a range of secondary schools.

Gateway students are currently working in a wide variety of industries: hospitality automotive, retail, tourism, engineering and building, to date, have been the most popular.


What the school is looking for in a Gateway student:


  • Good attendance record
  • Good work ethic
  • Good results with a minimum of 8 Level 1 credits in English, Maths and Science.
  • The ability to keep on task with school work, and ensure that work/assessments are up-to-date.
  • Good attitude


Employers are looking for:


  • Good personal presentation and grooming
  • Understand and adhere to the safety practices and rules
  • Work well in a team
  • Work well unsupervised
  • Work productively
  • Energy and enthusiasm – a desire to learn and work
  • Vision – where do you want to be in 5 years time?


But most of all…


  • Good communication skills – being able to carry out conversations with colleagues and customers in a mature and responsible way.


         GATEWAY 2017

We are starting to take applications for the Gateway programme for 2017 for interested students in Year 11,12 and 13.
Gateway enrolment forms can be collected from the Careers Office.

 Student applications will go through a selection process and depend on:

  • Individual student timetables
  • Aptitude and commitment to the Gateway programme
  • Attendance record
  • Being ‘work ready’
  • Availability of appropriate unit standards
  • Costs
  • Availability of suitable work placements
  • Consideration of the programme to enhance, not hinder, student core subject progress

Students are encouraged to start looking for a suitable work placement.  When they find a business willing to give them work experience, they should give the business contact details to the Gateway Administrator, to follow up.

 Gateway will involve the students being in the workplace for one day a week for approximately 10 weeks. Sometimes this can take place in the weekends or holidays.

 As part of the programme, students must achieve relevant Unit Standards, the theory component of which can be done independently or sometimes taught on block courses.  As the Unit Standards are a considerable cost to the programme, there is an expectation that the student will work to the very best of their ability.

Students are expected to catch up any missed work in their own time or at school on Wednesday afternoons P5 in H.3

There are strict guidelines regarding dress code and behaviour and this will be signed by all parties concerned i.e. student, parents and workplace.

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