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Howick College has been incorporating Restorative Practices into our behavioural management since 2007.  The Staff were introduced to the concept by Marg Thorsborne.  Over the last two years we have engaged Marg Thorsborne to take the entire Staff through training sessions around the implementation and use of Restorative Practices.  Over 30 Staff have also been trained as restorative conference facilitators and 20 staff have been trained in classroom conferences by Jude Moxon (Massey High School).  Recently we have also hosted two 2 day RP Workshops for teachers and senior managers from 20 High Schools around New Zealand.  These workshops were facilitated by Richard Matla and Greg Jansen (Kaiapoi High School)  This input from such knowledgable and experience practitioners has proven very beneficial for a smooth transitition.

Howick College is commited to ongoing professional development for all staff in Restorative Practices.  We have developed our own induction programme for new staff, and are continuing to develop and deliver our own ongoing professional development for staff based on the literature and growing experience.  Our Restorative Practice Implementation Team is responsible for continuing to monitor and refine the use of Restorative Practices at Howick College.

For further information about our implementation of RP within the school you can contact us via email at

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